The transition from teaching face-to-face to teaching online can be challenging.

Your students are disengaged during your sessions? Are you tired of lecturing for hours every day? If that is the case, the Online Teaching Toolbox will help you make your classes or training more fun and engaging for your students, with a minimal amount of additional preparation. Also, it will help you dramatically reduce your speaking time, which will make you more relaxed and well-rested

Who is this training for?

Teachers, professors, training managers, directors of studies


Zoom, Skype, or MS Teams. 5 hours for the online sessions + approximately 5 hours on individual work.


500€ for the complete program. All taxes included. 12 participants maximum.


1. First Online Session – The basic tools (2.5 hours)

  • The general principles of interactive online learning
  • Tools for fostering cooperation and breaking the ice at the beginning of the session
  • Paper-based tools that ensure active student participation
  • Free online collaborative tools

2. First Teacher Project (2.5 hours of preparation + 2 hours ofgroup presentation)

  • Teachers rewrite a pedagogical sequence using the tools learned in the first session and present it to the group

3. Second Online Session – More advanced tools(2.5 hours)

  • Thiagi collaborative activities
  • Incorporating peer-assessment
  • Energizing activities

4. Second Teacher Project (2.5 hours of preparation + 2)

  • Teachers rewrite a pedagogical sequence using the tools learned in the first session and present it to the group.

5. Conclusion (1 hour)

  • Teachers reflect on the activities done and write a blog post or document summarizing what they learned


“Rodrigo’s techniques for online training are very effective. This course helped us add interactivity and keep students engaged”

Joanna Młynarczyk, da GAMA Language School, Poznan, Poland

“Rodrigo’s techniques are simple, yet taught us a completely new way online. “

Iryna Pavlyshyn, Assistant Professor, Poznań University of Technology

“Rodrigo can help help you make your online training more engaging with very simple tools”

Nicolas Bourgerie, CEO Very Up, Lyon

Do you have any questions? Would you like to book a session? Just drop me a line.