The transition from teaching face-to-face to teaching online can be challenging.

I am here to help make your online classes fun and interesting for your students, with the minimal amount of work.

The Online Teaching Toolbox is a 6-hour course that will help you, as a teacher, make your online classes more fun, interactive and engaging.

Who is this training for?

Teachers, professors, training managers, directors of studies


Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. 5 hours for the online sessions + approximately 5 hours on individual work.


500€ for the complete program.All taxes included. 12 participants maximum.


1. First Online Session (2.5 hours)

  • The general principles of interactive learning
  • Tools for fostering cooperation and breaking the ice at the beginning of the session
  • Paper-based tools that ensure active student participation
  • Free online collaborative tools

2. Individual training activities (2.5 hours)

  • Rewriting of a pedagogical sequence incorporating the new tools

3. Second online lesson (2.5 hours)

  • Thiagi collaborative activities
  • Incorporating peer-assessment
  • Energizing activities

4. Individual training activities (2.5 hours)

  • Rewriting of a second pedagogical sequence
  • Writing of post-course reflection about the incorporation of the techniques.

“Rodrigo’s techniques for online training are very effective . This course helped us add interactivity and keep students engaged”

Joanna Młynarczyk – da GAMA Language School, Poznan, Poland

“Rodrigo’s techniques are simple, yet we discovered a completely new approach to teaching online. “

Iryna Pavlyshyn – Assistant Professor, Poznań University of Technology

“Rodrigo has perfected very simple techniques for fostering interaction and collaboration”

Nicolas Bourgerie, CEO Very Up.

Would you like to schedule a training session for you and your teachers? Do you have any questions? Just drop me a line and I will get back to you

Do you have any questions? Would you like to book a session? Just drop me a line.