Freakonomics Radio Pop Quizzes!

Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income?



Who is Erik Brynjolfsson and what is the ‘Second Machine Age’?

Who in the world is considering rolling out basic income schemes?

What is the ‘negative income tax’

Why did Milton Friedman favor the ‘negative income tax’ over traditional welfare programs?

What was the ‘mincome’ experiment and what whas its outcome?

What were the findings of Mr. Forget when analyzing the data on the city of Dauphin? Did they reveal the mincome experiment to be either a positive or negative thing?

What does Robert Gordon think about a guaranteed minimum income?

Who is Sam Altman and what does he think about a guaranteed minimum income?

What do Erik Brynjolfsson and Sam Altman think about the risk of a guaranteed income destroying ‘the fiber of society’?

What is the relation between the story of the turnspit dog and the guaranteed minimum income?