Online Lessons

We are in the middle of 2019, and I am delighted to announce that 4G technologies(soon 5G) and the geniuses at the tech companies have finally made the technology so fast and reliable that teaching and learning online on platforms such as Skype is now super easy and a lot of fun.

Here are some of the courses I’ve taught online, both for individuals and for groups:

  • Management Fundamentals for Professional Athletes
  • Advanced Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension for the GMAT
  • Advanced TOEFL preparation.
  • Advanced IELTS preparation.

Additionally  to the speed of communication,  collaborative tools such as Google Docs, and the features of platforms such as Webex and Adobe Connect now allow not only to reproduce some of the best aspects of the classroom experience, but even surpass them!

Do you have any questions about the way I apply collaborative learning techniques and gamification with these technologies? Or are you interested in online classes?  Drop me a line at hello(at) or on Skype: rodrigo.sgtz

Have a nice day !