This is (mostly) a Feynman blog.

“Study hard what interests you in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”

― Richard Feynman

Welcome to my study blog.

Named in honor of Richard Feynman, this website is a  learning tool and a training path I have set for myself.

My goal: acquiring knowledge that will help me design irresistible learning experiences.

The topics revolve mostly around pedagogy, behavioral economics, gamification and game design.

Every day I will study a chapter or section of  book, Mooc or research paper. Then I will publish the juiciest nuggets of wisdom I found. Little by little. Post by post.

These posts will be occasionally sprinkled by my riffs, rants and delusions.

As you will learn in this post, your feedback is crucial. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation in the comments.  Especially, let me know if there  are holes in my game, and if there is content I should add to my training path.

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